Introducing BOCS.

Ever wish you could watch your recorded shows from anywhere in your home?

BOCS Whole Home Entertainment



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BOCS™ is the latest home entertainment breakthrough, allowing you to watch your recorded shows (which are probably on the DVR in your living room) from anywhere in your home, with NO new wires.

Explore all that BOCS™ can offer.

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Comcast going "all-digital" in your area and you have questions? Read this

  • BOCS on Colorado and Company
    "Where have you been all our lives?"
    Colorado & Company- Denver, CO
  • BOCS on
    "I'm saving over $50 a month by getting rid of most of my cable set top boxes." Comment- AV Guy Colorado
  • BOCS on Colorado and Company
    "This might be the answer to world peace."
    Colorado & Company- Denver, CO
  • BOCS on
    "Dude, this is da bomb. I kid you not. It is so freakin' easy to use like I use it all the time now with my Tivo box." Comment- Mr Lee San Jose, CA
  • BOCS on Colorado and Company
    "You allow us to watch what we want to watch, where we want to watch it, and save money at the same time."
    Colorado & Company- Denver, CO
  • "It’s a great bang for the entertainment dollar."
    Giovanni- Denver, CO
  • BOCS on Colorado and Company
    "This is the next big thing in home entertainment."
    Colorado & Company- Channel 9 Denver, CO
  • "Its like getting a brand new DVR, DVD and stereo in the other room."
    Brenda Auroro, CO