BOCS : How does it work?

There are three basic pieces to a BOCS™ system: The MediaHub, The Supercombiner, and the Remote Control.

BOCS How does it work

The MediaHub is placed wherever your sources are in your home – typically in your main TV viewing location. You connect up to three devices using the supplied composite Audio/Video cables (color coded Red, Green, and Blue for your convenience) into the corresponding inputs of the MediaHub (Red, Gree, and Blue). The MediaHub then creates three new TV channels and inserts them into the coax wiring in the wall. Each devices also gets an Infrared LED stuck to it which connects to the MediaHub so the device can be controlled remotely. Although channels can be placed anywhere, by default Red is channel 14, Green is 98, and Blue is 96. These channels are chosen because they fall in the middle of the FM band that cable companies tend to avoid.

The Supercombiner, inserted between where the cable modem splits off and the main cable splitter filters out the appropriate frequencies so the BOCS™ channels can be inserted and also takes care of redistributing the MediaHub created channels to the rest of the home. The Supercombiner also contains amplifiers to properly balance the BOCS™ channels with the cable TV channels you already have, and therefore needs power. So, part of the installation includes finding the wire that goes back to where you plugged in the MediaHub and moving that wire to a special input on the Supercombiner that accepts the power sent by the MediaHub. Location of that wire is made simple by a tool included with the installation kit.

BOCS remoteKey to the system, however, is the BOCS™ remote. It is a full 7 device universal remote and should be more or less familiar in its form and function but it has three new buttons – Red, Green, and Blue. If you press the local TV button to control the TV in the room with you, or any of the other local device buttons (DVD, CBL, AUX) it will simply control those local devices just like any other universal remote. But when you press one of the BOCS™ buttons (R/G/B) the remote changes your TV to the appropriate channel and takes control of the devices connected to the colored channel you chose. The BOCS™ remote communicates back to the MediaHub wirelessly at 900Mhz both to find out what channel to change your TV to and to send commands to the devices plugged into the MediaHub so you can pause, play, and otherwise control those devices via the Infrared LED stuck to the front of each of those devices.

More information on channel choices, why we use the FM band, and how cableTV systems work can be found by watching the narrated video.

More information on installation options as well as remote control features can be found on the Whole-Home Blog.

More information on antenna and satellite installations can be found in the Wiki support site.

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