Ways to use BOCS

First, don't freak out, this page shows you a lot of creative ways to use BOCS, but while you may find something here that strikes your interest, most users just hook BOCS up to their TiVo/DVR and simply enjoy whole-home recorded shows.

BOCSI have my whole music library at my fingertips.
I hooked up a Windows Media Center to the Red channel—now I can listen to all my music, watch all my movies, and browse all my pictures from ANY TV in my home. BOCS™ has saved me thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to install speakers, amps, and wires running all over my attic.

I play Desperate Housewives all over the house while I'm cleaning.
House cleaning was boring until I got my BOCS™ system. Now I almost look forward to cleaning house. When I start cleaning, I turn on my TiVo which is on the Green channel. As I move from room to room, I flip on Green and continue watching my favorite programs while cleaning the whole house.

Date Night.
I bought one of those TiVos with a built in DVD player, and connected it to BOCS™' Green Channel. While sipping wine after dinner, we start watching a movie on our plasma TV in the den. If we get tired, we can pause the movie, turn off the plasma TV and go upstairs to change into something more comfortable. When we turn on the bedroom TV, fire up the Green channel and push play, the movie is right there waiting for us where we left off. It's great to finish watching it while snuggling in bed.

BOCSMy iPod follows me around.
Griffin has this cool iPod dock which I hooked up to the Blue channel. Now when I get home, I dock my iPod to charge and can push the blue button for any TV in the house and have total access to all my tunes. Thanks, BOCS™—sweet.

No more running to the basement to fire up a movie for the kids.
BOCS™ is great! I was constantly running down the stairs to turn on Handy Manny, Disney playhouse, or whatever for my four year old. Now I can start up something for him, and all he has to do is go down, turn on the TV and push the Blue button. I'm in control; he gets entertainment, and I get just a little more peace.

Trust but Verify.
We dedicated the BOCS™ Blue channel to the kids. When we let them watch TV, they always seem to watch it together. I can see our BOCS™ MediaHub from three rooms because it is sitting on a shelf in the den next to our home entertainment center. Any time anyone punches the Blue channel button anywhere in the house, I can see the Blue light flash on the MediaHub, and I know the kids are using some allotted TV time. I can even punch the blue button in the kitchen to check up on what they are watching. BOCS™ makes it easy for me to know what's going on, and that makes me a better parent.

BOCSDVD collections—safely stored in a jukebox, yet readily accessible to every TV from basement to bedroom.
Our DVDs—especially the kids' movies—were out of their cases and scattered. Those that weren't lost were getting scratched and sticky from handling. The best investment I've made is the BOCS™ system and a used DVD jukebox I got for $50. Now all the DVDs are safely stored in the jukebox which I put on BOCS™' Green channel. The kids can watch their movies on the basement TV during the day, and at night my wife and I can watch our movies in the den, kitchen, or bedroom.

My BOCS™™ Slings.
Ok, I'm a gadget nut. I thought Slingbox was the coolest—watching TV on my cellphone while at my daughter's ballet lesson. The BOCS™ MediaHub makes my Slingbox even better; I can watch any of my A/V devices—including my TiVo, my media center, and my iPod—anywhere in my home and . . . anywhere in the world!!!

BOCSI feel more secure at night.
My husband travels a lot for work, and I'm a little bit nervous at night. We found this set of wireless security cameras at Costco for a little over $100, and they hooked right up to the Red channel. Now by pressing one button I can see, on any TV in the house, who is at the front door, if anyone is in the backyard; and I can even watch the kids playing on the trampoline. I'd rather the world were a safer place, but at least BOCS™ makes my corner of it safer.

Kiddie Cam 3000.
We are on our third child, and technology does seem to be getting better and better. For the first two we had one of those baby monitors that crackled all night and sometimes picked up other kids in the neighborhood. We just bought a night vision camera with sound from X10.com and hooked it up to the Red channel. I can hit the red button in any room to see and hear my infant—even in the low light of a nightlight. Having the BOCS™ system is very reassuring—no more trying to figure out what we were hearing and no more trying to remember to take that baby monitor with me wherever I go in the house—my child is always a button push away.

Blue is for little boys . . . and little girls; Green is for adults.
We used to have a TiVo DVR in the den and in the bedroom. After buying the BOCS™ MediaHub, we put them both in the office to get rid of clutter. We designated the "Blue TiVo" for the kids to record Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, etc., and my wife and I record CSI, Desperate Housewives, etc. on the "Green TiVo." Doing that avoids scheduling conflicts.

No big stack of equipment under the plasma.
I got an impressive 50" HD plasma to hang on the wall in the family room—only to have about 100 cords trailing from it to the cabinet underneath that held all my equipment . . . well, almost all of it fit, the rest was on top of the cabinet. The BOCS™ MediaHub let me move most of my stuff to the basement, so I only have one HDMI cord running to the Plasma now. Man, is my wife happy!

BOCSBring internet movies to your TV.
With all the ways to get video from the Internet today—Vongo, Cinemanow, and even freebies off of Netflix—I can pretty much download anything ever filmed. While watching my downloaded movies on my laptop is okay, they are really excellent on my big screen TV—and I'm much more comfortable in my recliner. I know I could connect my Windows Media Center to my TV directly, but it's a hassle to pull that big screen out to get to the connections in back of it, and I don't like that noisy PC fan running right under my TV. It's easier connecting the computer to the BOCS™ MediaHub which makes it possible to watch my movies on any TV. All I needed was a video card with composite ports. (There are many video card choices at any local computer store.)

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