BOCS : What is it?

Why BOCS™?

  • Reduce the number of boxes in your home
  • Watch any TiVo DVR from any TV
  • Pause a program in one room, continue watching in another
  • Play a DVD on all the TVs in the house simultaneously
  • Hook up an iPod - whole home music
  • See what your kids are watching

And much, much, more...

BOCS Media Hub

What is BOCS™?

The Next Generation of Entertainment Control.

So, you want to watch your "stuff" on every TV in your home - BOCS™ is exactly what you need.

Connect any three Audio/Video devices (cable/satellite DVR, TiVo, DVD player, iPod dock, etc.) to the BOCS™ MediaHub's color-coded ports using composite cables and infra-red (IR) emitter cables. For each of the three connected A/V devices, the BOCS™ system adds a channel - Red, Green, and Blue - to the existing cable channels transmitted over the existing coaxial wiring in your home. Any TV in any room that gets cable channels will get the BOCS™ Red, Green, and Blue channels and share your "stuff" - no new wiring, no additional box rental fees, and no need to buy duplicate components for each TV.

Every TV in your home has a programmable BOCS™ Remote which controls not only the TV, but each one of your A/V devices by first pressing the corresponding red, green, or blue channel button. The BOCS™ Remotes can learn to function exactly as all of your A/V remotes. The BOCS™ Remotes communicate via radio frequency with the BOCS™ MediaHub which transmits the commands over the IR cables to your A/V devices.

If your TiVo is connected to the red channel's ports on the BOCS™ MediaHub, press the red button on the BOCS™ remote in your bedroom to access all the TiVo's features—you would think your TiVo is connected directly to your bedroom TV!

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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

BOCS Whole Home Entertainment
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