A new cable box for every TV - Seriously?

BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

BOCS saves Comcast from themselves !

Wow, what an arrogant statement...

This is really simple, forget about all the hassle Comcast is putting you through and how much you are going to lose. There is another option!

Install a BOCS system (for UNDER $200) and you get:

  • Guide on EVERY TV
  • ALL Digital channels on EVERY TV (not just 2-70)
  • One remote control that is the same for EVERY TV
  • Movies, Music, Pictures on EVERY TV
  • Save Money - less boxes, less rental
  • A Chance to mess with "The Man" since you only need a couple cable boxes instead of one for each TV.

So, even though, Comcast made some really bad decisions - specifically sacrificing customers while trying to keep up with Satellite - there is a really simple solution. Get a BOCS - You can try one out by clicking on the "Try BOCS Online" link to the right.


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