Tired of paying monthly fees to your cable company or TiVo? What you need is a home built system - a DVR with no subscription fees. It is completely within the abilities of most people, and with this free guide, you are assured success.

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DVR No Subscription

Why would you build a DVR with no subscription fees?


Our ultimate goal is a DVR with no subscription. Why keep paying for what should be and, in fact, is free. It is possible to take an existing PC (most people have something stashed away in the basement) to capture and record live TV.

You can obviously rent a DVR from Comcast, or buy a TiVo from your local retailer, but in either case you are stuck paying monthly fees (up to $18/TV/month).

Time for a shocker - everything you need (TV guide, scheduling, program information, and even the subscription free DVR software) is completely free on the internet.

Getting a computer up and running can cost as little as $30. The best part is that anyone can do it. In this case, you don't even need to call your techie nephew.

The key to a no subscription DVR is finding a way to connect a "TV guide", a tuner card, something to capture it all, and a remote control.

This eBook shows you step by step how everything works and how you can choose exactly what you need to put it all together.

Why would we make something like this freely avaliable? To be honest, we get a lot of questions about how to assemble a DVR and putting all the information together saves us a lot of phone support time. Plus, this makes a great input to our BOCS Whole-Home distribution system and folks that are willing to put together their own DVR usually make really great customers.

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