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Providing entertainment to your tenants isn't that hard.


If you have home-run wiring from each unit to a central closet, then you have the most options and can provide both a basic service and expandability based on the individual needs of the customer. In this situation, both cable tv and satellite offer reasonable choice and include premium and HD channels. But, most buildings are not wired this way so you need an alternative.

Why offer any basic services at all?


If you are reading this, you probably already have this figured out, but with the housing market like it is, competition is stiff and all the "extras" make the difference in filling your building. Tenants expect a basic entertainment package to be included in their rent. Some buildings tack on an extra "shared entertainment charge" to the monthly fees - making this another source of revenue.

Cable or Satellite?


We strongly suggest a phone consultation to work out the details for your specific situation, but at the highest level: Cable normally provides the best and widest options in the "lower end" installations. This includes where you want to provide 30-40 channels (locals, expanded digital - discovery, weather, foodtv etc). Cable is also a good source of the local channels even in a primarily satellite based installation. Satellite provides more options for expansion (yes they offer almost all the same channels, but satellite has focused on provision of premium services with some really unique wiring applications for high-rise using the new SWM system.

How does the move to Digital Cable effect me?


Exactly the reason for this page... The traditional method of providing distributed entertainment was to combine a few premium channels with "basic cable" and provide a full lineup to every tenant, but with most basic channels now not available without a cable box, you are now required to create your own "cable head end" in your building before distributing to individual units. What is good for the typical home is not good for apartments. To even maintain the same level of service, you are being asked to sink tens of thousands of dollars into an entertainment system.

Don't panic - BOCS can solve all your entertainment problems!!


Traditional satellite based systems cost up to $1200 PER CHANNEL. BOCS gives you the same service for about $75 per channel.


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