Typical MDU setups:

Prior to most/all cable companies going "digital", the most common scenario was to push the full analog cable lineup to each unit superimposed with a few specialty channels. The choice of specialty channels is dependent on the tenant mix - foreign language channels, HBO, sports add-ons etc. With the changeover, all stations beyond local channels require their own addressable cable box. Adding a few channels this way was reasonably economical at $750/channel if the landlord could charge monthly for the premium channels as part of a tenant package.


So, let's take a look at traditional methods of providing multi-dwelling-unit entertainment:


The simplest way is to bring in Cable-TV, amplify it and split it on each level to every tennant. Total investment is on the order of $1000 per building for amplification and balancing equipment.


The next improvement comes by adding some number of premium channels by using digital tuners (the blue boxes) and modulators (the green boxes),


This is necessary for all channels if the cable company has "gone digital" and removed all analog channels from their lineup.


In any case, this type of system is typically $800-$1200 per channel for SD or $3000+ per chanel for HD regardless of whether cable or satellite is used as the base reception system.

A low cost alternative is to use the BOCS system. At ~$200 per channel, BOCS provides the same level of in-building service at a small fraction of the cost.


BOCS provides a high output, high quality video signal coupled with dolby stereo sound to every unit.


An HD option is also available for premium channels.


It all sounds good, but it is actually very complicated to map all the channels you want into the available spectrum. Luckily - BOCS is here to walk you through it...


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