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In this FREE eBook, we cover everything you need to know to prepare for a full new-home wiring project. Even if you have some experience in low-voltage wiring, there are literally hundreds of future systems to consider. With careful planning, you can get through it and know you covered all your bases.

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The table of contents:

  • Seriously, Why bother?
  • Can I actually get away with this?
    • Some tips to keep in mind as you arrange your project:
    • So, what can go wrong?
  • The Absolute Minimum – and Why…
    • Bottom line – the list first:
    • Where to get supplies:
    • Details Outside-In:
      • 4RG6 for Satellite 9 2RG6, 1Cat5e to the Cable TV Demarc point
      • 2 Cat5e to the phone demarc point 10 Details Inside the Home:
      • 2-RG6, 3-Cat5e: From the media cabinet to each room
      • Dedicated line to Cable Modem:
      • 2 RG6: 11 3 Cat5e:
      • Surround Sound
      • Good general rules for speaker locations:
      • Doorbell and Basic Security System Planning:
      • The Official Standard TIA-570
      • Wire Types, Uses and Substitutions:
  • Future Proofing
  • The Actual Installation
  • Overall Considerations
  • Coordinate with your Electrician:
  • Home Systems to Consider
  • Things to avoid
  • Home Distribution Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Home Security Systems
  • Problems you will encounter
  • I forgot a wire - Retrofitting
  • A Room by Room checklist

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