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Introducing BOCS.

Ever wish you could watch your recorded shows from anywhere in your home? BOCS' video distribution lets you access 3 sources home-wide DVR, DVD, BluRay, Music, internet downloads - anything you have!

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Looking for Whole House Video?

Yep, we got it.

BOCS™ - the Ultimate whole house video distribution system!

  • Watch your recorded shows from ANY TV in your home
  • Pause a program in one room, continue watching in another
  • Play a DVD on all the TVs in the house simultaneously
  • Save money by reducing boxes you rent from cable or satellite companies

Full 1 year Warranty + Live phone/chat support protect your investment

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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

What is BOCS™? - Learn MoreBOCS Whole Home Entertainment

Actually, this is pretty simple; you have a stack of stuff (we all do). But its all in the living room and you really want to watch your shows in the bedroom. So what's your plan? Carry the DVR around the house and plug it in wherever you are? Buy another DVR for every room of the home and record the same show everywhere wasting money and power? Of course not, you need something to distribute that video.

But aren't those whole house video distribution systems expensive, and aren't they so complicated to install that it takes a professional and obnoxiously long drill bits? Yes, some are. In fact every other system out there will require a huge up front investment and probably a bunch of guys with plumbers cracks in your home for a long time. Except BOCS. No new wiring, a complete do-it-yourself solution, very low cost, complete flexibility, AND it will also control your lights and applicances with low cost accessories.

No, whole house video distribution is not a chick magnet, but the guys will be impressed and your wife will love that every TV is the same, there is only one remote that works everything automatically, and you get to save a LOT of money in the process. (Stop renting a box for every TV - I mean, really)...

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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

BOCS Whole Home Entertainment
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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

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