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Introducing BOCS.

Distribute audio and video to every rom in your home

Low cost and easy to install.

Black Friday Deal

BOCS system for $199 Includes an

extra FREE Remote (2)and Free Install Kit
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Whole House Audio what you're after?

Yep, we got it.

What are your choices really? Your music is on your Pod...

  • Wear your iPod around the house
  • Put an iPod dock in every room and carry the iPod around
  • Install a whole house audio system ($2000+ permanent speakers, media server, wall controls etc.) See our "Prewire your home eBook" - more information below.
  • Install a BOCS system and for under $200 get whole home entertainment.

Simple whole house audio









The simplest hardwired system involves putting wires in all your walls, installing in-room controls and speakers, and running a wireless remote system to control it all. BOCS replaces all of that with a 1 hour installation that you do yourself.


BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

Learn More about BOCSBOCS Whole Home Entertainment

BOCS actually uses the coax wires already in your home to distribute any three sources (an iPod dock makes an excellent source) to every room. Turns out that in its default configuration, BOCS actually uses "FM band" frequencies to distribute A/V content. The audio portion of a TV signal is good old FM so any audio receiver can pick it up and pump it through your stereo.

We hinted above about different ways to put a whole house audio system together, and if you are interested in diving in, you can sign up to receive the free "Prewire your home" eBook. In it we go through all your options including how to mount speakers in your rooms, the proper wiring for in-wall keypads, and how to choose and install a system yourself. We even go through a comparison of different multi room audio system features you can find in different brands, and how to match your needs to a specific system.

Keep in mind, though, that BOCS provides the simplest way to get started with a whole house audio system and nothing out there comes even close to the price.


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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

BOCS Whole Home Entertainment
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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

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BOCS Whole Home Entertainment

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